Provocation # 7

Today’s provocation is less of an irritant and more of a caress. The topic: Khaliji Color. Can it be named? Philosophers since Kant have struggled over the difficulty of capturing colors in words and impossibility of attaching specific meaning to values … Continue reading

Provocation # 4

        Today the 1st year MFA students got on their soapboxes, and wrote, designed, and distributed some feisty design manifestos. They demanded equal rights for Arabic men in design, advocated for the use of materials by graphic design … Continue reading

Provocation # 3

For Provocation #2 we looked at the outsides of books. Now it’s time to look inside them. Inside novels, in particular. Exploring the way designed things function in literary fiction, can help us as design critics and as designers. As … Continue reading

Provocation # 2

Hi it’s me again. I really enjoyed the MFA Design Studies 2nd year students’ presentations of their thesis experimentation this morning. Currently I’m reading the essays they’ve written which detail precedents for the kinds of work they are exploring. Later … Continue reading